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Curb the scourge of Corona Virus!

Coronavirus, after wreaking havoc in China, Italy and several other countries, has now spread considerably in India, also. New data have raised fear among people as the cases have crossed the 10,000 mark, worldwide. Multiple and crucial measures are being taken by the government to cap this djinn back inside the bottle.
Citizens of India remain arrested within this scary ordeal as there have been 270 confirmed cases so far. People are socially distancing themselves and going into self-isolation. It falls on every single one of us as responsible citizens of the country to check for the preventions of the spread of this fatal virus.

How Corona Virus spreads?

1. It is highly contagious and spreads when droplets from an infected person’s sneeze get into another person’s eyes, nose or mouth.

2. Try to keep a distance of at least 2.0 m from the person who is visibly sick. Advise them to wear a mask.

3. Strictly avoid crowds. It may be possible that some people might not show symptoms but can still be infectious.

4. A sick person can unknowingly leave viruses at daily objects like doorknobs, cups, digital devices. Viruses can last on such objects for as long as 14-48 hours.

How to prevent the spread of the virus?

1. Washing hands thoroughly with medicated soaps after spending time in public places is an effective way to reduce the chances of the virus particle getting into the body system.

2. Use masks while in public places. Don’t wear any mask for more than a day.

3. Don’t come into contact with people who are sick and try not to touch their personal things.

4. And last but the most important one, no matter what symptoms you get sick with, seek immediate medical advice!!

What else can be done?

1. Keep following the latest advancement on the story of the pandemic through credible news sources.

2. Strictly follow the government and WHO advisory.

3. Don’t create a panic of any sort.

Following these simple steps, one can easily steer clear him/herself off from CORONA Virus.

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