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Zip- Lining In Neemrana

Delhi is a hub of tourists and there are lot many eateries and shopping complexes to entertain the tourists. If you are done with a city tour and are longing for something exciting nearby Delhi, how many Ziplining. If you love heights and love crawling from one place to another, how about trying something in the air? 


Neemrana is a great destination to carry out Zip-Lining. There are 5 zip-lines which will allow you to take the most exciting journey of your life. It is a flight of 1250 metres and you can have a spectacular view of the Neemrana Fort Palace. You will also get to explore the Aravalli Mountains of Rajasthan which is said to be a great view. The entire zip-lining activity is for 2 hours. yes, just 2 hours wherein you will get to carry out your passion for Zip-Lining. 


The first zip line is for 330 metres which will give you a view of Rajasthan countryside. It starts from Aravalli mountains to Qila Slammer. The second zip line is 400 metres and you can have a complete view of Neemrana Fort. The pussy galore is of 90 metres and is named after a bond girl. You will slightly experience the speed here. The fourth Zip line is of 250 metres and is based on the bond theme. The fifth line is named after the Bollywood star Mr Amitabh Bachchan during the shoot of Major Saheb, hence the name Bog B. 


It is 175 metres and you will get to explore the fort. There are trained instructors to guide and assist the participants in finishing all the 5 zip-liners. You will love the entire experience of zip-lining. Prices: Child: Rs. 1999/- Student: Rs. 1999/- Adult: Rs. 2299/-

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