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The COVID effect: How will the culture of eating out/social drinking survive? 

Often these days I muse over the time spent by in the lanes of HKV, SDA market’s momo stalls, and the happy hours we spent with our friends and family while dining outside. But thanks to COVID, all these trends now only seem to be a bygone ritual. 

Eating out 

The worst-hit out of the several industries is the restaurant industry which employed 700,000 people and was estimated at Rs 4,23,865 crores. The unorganized sector within this industry is huge, vendors, street stalls, flea markets are all filled with junk items which Delhiites devour but what now? 

Corona has made us realize something that our mothers failed terribly, the power of homemade healthy food and the power of immunity. Thus a new wave of fitness can be seen trending; organic, vegetarian foods gain preference and will be a trend post-COVID. So bid goodbye to all your favorite junk, unhealthy items because either the economy will hit them else the changing trends will. Quality food will gain priority over cheap food because of the fear of infection and awareness regarding hygiene. 

With social distancing being the norm, food delivery seems to be the new normal in the food domain and this will be a huge hit to the brick and mortar restaurant. A new phenomenon of delivering premium dishes is also on the rise. 

A forever lockdown on social dining and social drinking? 

We are huge fans of drinking and partying but with COVID settling in a new sudden awareness around health consciousness and spread of infection is also changing our patterns. Alcohol consumption will forever remain a boost but the concept of social drinking will die out as people begin practicing social distancing.

A crisis with an opportunity 

One can surely say looking at Instagram trends that homemade cooking has taken up, teenagers have made it cool and now the whole world is at it. The rise will be seen in homemade cooking and dining rituals as this lockdown, baking, and cooking skills got polished. Ordering food of “homemade quality” might be the only saving grace for restaurants. 

Trends here to stay

Vegetarianism and Veganism were already getting popular but with the entire anti-Chinese wave and people calling out the bat-eating cruel non-vegetarians on grounds of animal rights and even impact on climate change, vegetarianism and veganism are on a win-win ride. 

Fitness clubs, Gym memberships are bound to get a hit as the crowds will now aim at improving health standards in the light of failing health mechanisms. 

Overall, eating out at your favorite momo/paani batasha/chaat/ kebab stalls might just not be the same post COVID. Maybe just go back in memories and muse over the time spend and gone, thanks to COVID-19. 

Authored by- Mansi Rawat


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