Need For Speed: Smaaash Sky Karting in Gurgaon

Art Ingels, an American, is widely known as the father of Kart racing. He was a veteran race car builder who built the first Go Kart in Southern California, in 1956. After that the craze spread to the rest of the world, becoming immensely popular in Europe. And now, Delhi NCR has its own world class Go Kart arena.


Smaaash Sky Karting, located in Gurgaon, provides electric speed demons. You can hire these Go Karts and quench your thirst for speed over a 500-meter track and challenge your friends to see who is the better driver. Better still, go on Wednesdays and get a one plus one offer.


And if you're hungry or thirsty after you're done leaving your friends to bite the dust with your superior driving skills, head downstairs to the PitStop Brewpub to eat the food you deserve and the beer the losers are going to buy you. Now put your EEJAT on the line and go for glory.

Contact: +9112439401888

Address: Oysters Beach, Sector 29, Gurgaon

For Tickets: Click Here

TImings: 11 am – 12 am

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