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Jashn-e-Vilaadat at Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin


hāthoñ se tum ne jo kiyā raushan vafā kā ik diyā
āñdhī kī zad meñ vo jalā hazrat nizāmuddīn-jī

As in the above couplet by modern Urdu poet Shahryar, the radiance of Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin illuminated yesterday’s night as his Dargah was adorned in many colors and lights. Indeed, it seemed as if many stars had descended upon the holy dome to celebrate the 806th birth anniversary of the saint.

Post the celebratory ritual, Delhipedia got into conversation with Syed Altamash Nizami, from the Dargah committee who told us how, in keeping with traditional rituals, the shrine of the Sufi Saint was bathed in rosewater, which was then distributed among the devotees. The celebration lasted for a few hours in the night and culminated with a morning prayer, since Hazrat Nizamuddin is said to have taken birth in the morning.

In the light of COVID-19, the celebration took place observing guidelines as prescribed by the government, and only a handful of people participated in the celebration. All sanitization and distancing norms were observed.

The Saint’s birthday is celebrated every year on the last wednesday of  the Islamic month of Safar, and this year marked his 806th birth anniversary.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya has, through his life and teachings, laid down an eternal tradition of love and kindness that surpasses social, economic and religious boundaries. We pray to the light of his wisdom to always illuminate our minds and lives.

lete the allāh naam jo japte the dil meñ raam jo
tum ne kiyā sab kā bhalā hazrat nizāmuddīn-jī

Watch Delhipedia’s video of Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin on youtube for a background into the Saint’s life and his relationship with Delhi:

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