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DMRC introduced the “Break the Peak” survey to study travel patterns of commuters

Break the Peak Delhi MetroOvercrowding has become a problematic issue for the Delhi Metro commuters. To avoid it, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is conducting an online survey. The survey aims to study traveling patterns and flexible timings for commuters. The link for this survey will be available on DMRC’s social media pages till 27th October 2020.
In this survey, Delhi Metro will study the commuter’s ability/ to travel in off-peak hours. Scheduling their travel would help in decreasing the rush on the train. The questions are intended to cover basic aspects such as – flexibility in travel timings, work from home, and expenses. The inputs in this survey will help the Delhi Metro in improving their services.
From 12th September 2020, Delhi Metro recontinued its full-fledged services. Since the occupancy of the Delhi Metro is limited, overcrowding is a major concern. There are strict norms for social distancing and hygiene inside the Metro.
But, one can witness that certain sections of the Delhi Metro network are occupied during peak hours. For the safety of Delhiites and Metro travelers, DMRC asks them to travel in off-peak hours. To access the “Break the Peak” survey, you can visit any of the links given below:



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