Religious Places

Neeli Chatri Mandir

As old as time itself, Neeli Chatri Mandir is believed to have existed from the age of Mahabharata. The temple was built for the deity, Shiva, by the Pandava brothers, under the direction of the eldest, Yudhishthira. The temple gained even more importance when Yudhishthira performed Ashwamedha Yajna from that very temple.


Located just beside Nigambodh Ghat, this place of worship is in the Yamuna Bazaar area, near the Salimgarh Fort, on the Mahatma Gandhi Marg, on the banks of the river Yamuna. As the name suggests, the temple is mostly blue in colour, having gotten the name because of its Blue Dome, which dominates the image of the temple.


Even though it is referred to as a Temple, Neeli Chatri Mandir is actually a tomb of Naubat Khan. Khan was a state official during the reign of Akbar. He had the tomb built during his lifetime around 1565. Owing to is architectural beauty and historical significance, the Temple is often visited by tourists, both foreign and Indian. This is also a pilgrimage site for a lot of people.

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