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Dal Mein Kuch Masjid Hain: Moth Ki Mosque

As the name suggests, Moth Ki Mosque literally means Mosque of Lentil. Nobody knows exactly why the monument is called so but there are a few legends behind it. One of the stories is that Sultan Sikandar Lodi, while on a walk with his prime minister, Wazir Miya Bhoiya, found a grain of lentil on his path. He then proceeded to pick it up and give it to Miya. The prime minister considered that as a gift and instead of just getting rid of it, he proceeded to plant it in his garden.


This lead to further production of more seeds and with time he was able to cultivate enough to profit largely from it. So much that in the end, he built the mosque, with his emperor's blessings of course. Another myth is that Miya found the lentil seed on his emperor's prayer mat after the emperor was done praying. And he did the same as in the other story.


Either way, the legend has its charm and we'd all like to believe it. Dreams apart, the structure is quite a sight, having been built with red, blue, black and white coloured sandstones. The gateways also have intricately carved doorways. The style is Indo-Islamic, having been built in 1505. Today, it is totally engulfed by the buildings of the city.


Located in South Extension part 2, it has commercial and residential properties on all sides of it. The contrast is beautiful. The past adding colour to the greyness of modernisation. It is relatively well maintained and is open to the public free of charge.The experience of visiting a monument that's in such a unique setting is quite amazing.

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