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Broken Dreams: Begumpuri Masjid

Historians are still unsure as to who built this massive monument. Some say it was Muhammad-bin- Tughlaq, while other's say it was Khan-i- Jahan Maqbul Tilangani, Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s prime minister. Whoever it was, built the place to last. Constructed mostly from plastered rubble masonry and quartzite, it has stood the test of time despite being neglected by the government. It has obviously gone under sufficient degradation but most of it is still there. Still surviving.


From the looks of the design and architecture, one gets the feeling that the structure was built based more on function than beauty. It's not entirely ugly but there isn't the usual effort put in unlike so many other monuments in the city. In simpler terms, I would describe the monument as plain. But it is big. 90 m x 94 m. That is a lot of square meters. Sadly, this site has now become more of a public space where children come to play cricket and run around, while older jobless lot come to chill and maybe share a cigerette as the admire the scenery.


Certain parts of the monument are regularly used as toilets and garbage can be found all over the place. There are writings on the wall and even in the sacred parts of the area, like the prayer rooms. Things get worse as night falls and the less cultured crowd arrive. They often come in packs with alcohol. It's probably the unofficial drinking spot of the neighbourhood,


so it's best to steer clear before it sunset. Whosoever built the place is probably rolling in his grave, knowing that his grand design is now an exaggerated hangout for mindless youths who have nothing but trouble in their idle minds. None the less, if you must visit the place do so in the daytime and with a friend of two. Write about it also, and maybe when we have voiced our grievances enough the government will finally hear us. Just maybe.

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