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Auspiciously Forgotten: Khairul Manzil

<p> The most auspicious of houses. The most exemplary of abodes. These are phrases, rather translations of Khairul Manzil a masjid that had been built in the early 16th century. Though the monument has been under relatively good care (seeing as hundreds of monuments in Delhi have been left to ruin), it has barely been noticed. Overshadowed by the likes of Purana Qila and the Red Fort, this little guy has been regularly ignored in the itinerary of tour guides and tour books.</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" style="width: 550px; height: 309px;" /></p> <p> <a href=""><sup>Image</sup></a></p> <p> Maham Anga, the foster mother to Akbar the great, had been very powerful politically and high influential during Akbar&#39;s youth. Under her direction, Shihabuddin Ahmad Khan, her relative and also an influential minister at the time, had the monument constructed. Primarily built with red sandstone and lime, the entry gate opens up to a hexagonal water reservoir that lies at the centre of the courtyard.</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" style="width: 550px; height: 367px;" /></p> <p> <a href=""><sup>Image</sup></a></p> <p> Each of the three walls has a Madrasa, a school for Islamic teachings and a Mihrab has been constructed on the west wall. The monument is still used as a house of worship and could also be one reason why it still hasn&#39;t fallen into ruin. When going to visit be wary of how you are dressed and choose your timing wisely. It&#39;s best to go when namz isn&#39;t on. On the plus side, you can also visit the various nearby monuments on the same trip. Killing a bunch of birds with one stone. Or so they say.</p>

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