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Kidzania : The Place Where Dreams Come true

Remember as a kid when most of us used to pretend we were a cop, doctor, a fighter pilot. All we could do was use our imagination. For the Millenials however, things aren't just limited to the flights of fancies inside our head. Enter Kidzania a complete state of the art indoor theme park where you can be anything that you dream of. Calling it simply an indoor theme park doesn't do it justice. It is what the proprietors of this place claim, a mini city. It has a sprawling complex which can be compared to the size of seven Olympic-sized swimming pools.


The place also comes with paved roads, battery operated vehicles, buildings and even its own functioning currency and economy which leave little room to dispute their claim. Call it what you want a mini city or an indoor theme park the thing that sets it apart is that there are none of the generic rides and video games. Kids are instead exposed to a unique experience which combines reality with entertainment. The activities are designed by a team of experts that include child psychologists and educators. Children are taught life skills all the while having fun. It is something straight out of any kids dreams where they can role play as anyone they want to be while also preparing them for the world of adults.


It has one of the most accessible premises with infrastructure and staff that cater to all types of children including those with special needs. The security is top-notch with the entire complex being covered by a host of CCTV cameras and security personals in all exits and entrances. They also provide a cool wristband that lets you track the children and even send them messages. Kidzania is open throughout the week and caters to schools and even corporate events.


The tickets prices vary according to age group. It's located near The Great India Place mall in Noida sector 38A. It is a nice place for you to unwind along with your family and kids. A midweek random plan or a weekend family outing, Kidzania truly provides a great mix of education and entertainment unlike any to be found elsewhere.

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