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5 hobby classes for Kids

Are your kids complaining about the Delhi heat yet? Here is a list to make this summer exciting for your kids with an array of classes with fun activities.
Have a quick look at the list of hobby classes for children.

Computer Skills


In this day and age computer knowledge is a must and it is a huge advantage for children to learn this skill. They can even learn how to create their own website and on a general basis they can get familiar with software’s like Photoshop, Flash, HTML and the internal workings of the net world.

Drawing, Arts and Craft Classes


If you find your children coloring the walls of your houses, enroll them immediately for drawing classes as it will be excellent encouragement for your child to explore his or her creative side. Other than drawing classes, craft classes can also be a lot of fun for your kids.

Dance Classes


Dance is a very healthy outlet for your children to exert their energy and in return benefit from the exercise as well. From traditional Indian dances, International dance forms are also taught in Delhi like jazz, jive and currently very popular is belly dancing.

Music Classes


The Indian culture regards Music to be sacred. Encourage your children to play a musical instrument or learn how to sing as there is nothing more healing and peaceful for your kids to be engrossed in melodies of music.



Enroll your kids in Sports classes of their choice as kids usually have a very good idea what team they want to play for! It’s a therapeutic and one of the healthiest pass times for children to be engaged in.

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