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Of Monuments and Men:Mehrauli Archaeological Park

With an area of over 200 acres, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is located inMehrauli, Delhi, just beside the QutubMinar and Qutub Complex. It contains over 100 monuments of historical significance, and is the only place Delhi to have over a thousand years of continuous human occupation. This ancient city has seen the rule of the TomarRajputs, Khalji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Lodhi dynasty, the Mughal empire and the British Raj. A walk through this park takes you as far back at the 11 th century and the years to follow, all seen through the architecture of those respective ages.


The very first monument you see would be Balban’s tomb. Then comes the more popular JamaliKamali Mosque. The details of the interior design are stunning but to see it, you’ll probably have to give the guard some “chai money”. Worth it. Soon you’ll hit the Mughal era with Quil Khan’s tomb. Then the trail leads to Khan Shahid’s tomb, and then Rajon Ki Baoli, the beautifully built stepwell from the 16 th century. This is just a teaser compared to what the place holds. Though the set paths only show a portion of the true treasures, it’s best to go with a few friends and truly explore the area that is littered with ruins. You’ll probably meet a lot of Nilgai chilling in that area.


They’d probably guide you, only if they could talk. Most of these structures have paved walkways with trail markers, description boards, and even benched to rest on (after all it is a 2km walk). These were laid down during the restoration project by INTACH Delhi chapter in association with the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Cooperation. There are no snack bars along the way, so it’s best to carry a few bites and a bottle of water on our adventure.

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