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Uber Eats launched in Delhi NCR by Uber


Uber as well know is one of two instant taxi service that dominates the Indian market. The company that revolutionised the transport industry across the globe has now brought its other brand to India, UberEats. Just like its previous brand, UberEats is an app based brand as well. This app is a totally different app from the taxi booking app that is widely used. Instead, UberEats will be used for the delivery of food from a restaurant chosen by the user.


“As a step further in our global expansion strategy, we aim to open up the diverse range of culinary experiences and cuisines to Delhiites at the push of a button. Our goal is to offer people what they want to eat, when they want to eat, in the quickest time possible” – Bhavik Rathod (Head of UberEATS India) UberEats has already partnered with 300+ restaurants from which it's users can now choose what food to have delivered to their doorsteps.


“We are excited about going live in Gurugram today and aim to expand the service area to New Delhi and other parts of the National Capital Region soon” – Faiz Abdulla (General Manager for UberEATS Delhi) UberEats was first launched in the year 2014 in Los Angeles on a small scale, after which it was then started as an app in Toronto in December 2015. In just 18 months the app has had incredible growth and has now expanded to 97 cities in 27 countries, with India being the latest addition

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