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Homecoming: Yogurt Lab is Coming to India

Yogurt Lab, a brand that is owned by the American restaurant chain Z&H hospitality, will be entering the Indian market by the end of this year. They only have ten branches in the US and yet they plan on opening 50-70 branches in the India in the next 5 years. This brand of yoghurt is based on the self-service frozen yoghurt system and they will be serving from a range of 16 flavours that will be rotated amongst the taps available. They will also have a wide variety of toppings to go with the yoghurt.


“India seems to be a very promising area of growth. We are looking to set up at least eight-ten Yogurt Lab outlets in each of the mega cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata in the next few years. Apart from that, we also want to focus on expanding in cities like Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, ”  – Aaron Switz (founder/chief executive officer at Z&H Hospitality)


Z&H Hospitality is looking for partners to start their franchise in India. They plan on opening branches that will be operated in an area od 600 – 1,000 sq.ft and also at a smaller alternative of 200 sq.ft. stores to serve as kiosks at malls.


They currently charge about $3.50-6 in the US but will be looking to lower the margin drastically in India to suit the market and the cheaper labour and rent would also allow them to make it more affordable for the Indian public. Depending on the success of their franchise in India, they may also introduce their other franchise brand "SotaRol", which is an Asian and sushi food chain, in the country.

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