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This artist Makes Astonishing clay Products for Gifting at a Reasonable Cost

At a glance: Nisha Dugar is a sculpture artist, who has turned her passion into a creative profession where she delivers personalized clay sculpture at a reasonable cost.


The micro view:  For Nisha, what started as a passion, is now a profession that has achieved all appreciation because of the perfect finish and the scope to customize gifts and decor items.


In case you are looking for inexpensive bulk personalized gifts, Nisha has the solution that is personalized clay sculpture in form of nameplates, bottle opener, fridge magnets and even bookmarks. She makes all this with clay that has the splash of colours, giving it a charm and life that you will definitely get attracted to. The price range of her products is between Rs. 150- Rs. 1000.


Must try:  Fridge magnet and Bottle opener

Where: Connect with her here:

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