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Raise Awareness Against Animal Cruelty, They Are Alive Too

An estimate of approximately 18 crore egg laying hens, live in battery cages in India. Each bird has less space than a single A4 sheet of paper. Though in 2012, the Animal Welfare Board of India passed a resolution, recommending that battery cages for egg laying hands be banned by January 2017 but the policy is yet to be set in motion.


The plight of animals today, is repulsive to say the least. These animals need someone to be on their side and fight for their rights, someone to speak for them as they can’t, and that is what most humans take advantage of, for their selfish reasons. Animals are always living and breathing, they have a heart and so they, like us feel pain too.Amitabh Kumar is one such individual who feels strongly on this matter, and has painted a mural capturing the scene of the suffering battery hens in India. Art as we all know, can be a powerful drive towards social change.


Amitabh chose his canvas to be a wall of a dump yard in Delhi, which is 20ft x 30ft, displaying a strong image of a confined hen within a cage so small, that they aren’t even able to spread their wings. This was also part of a large campaign to raise awareness about the commercial production of eggs. Having been influenced by philosopher John Gray and his views on how humans assume they are a superior species that it prompted Amitabh to delve deeper into this issue. The conditions animals go through are plain cruelty and so he found an agency to be a part of addressing this same issue.  Human Society Internation is one of the largest non profit animal protection organisations in the world, working towards protecting all animals including animals in farms, companion animals, wildlife and laboratories. The records of their achievement demonstrates a fierce dedication.


The entire mural took Abhishek three days to complete, and passers by engaged thoroughly with this image, trying to guess what the animal drawn is going to be and why he’s drawing over a garbage dump. The idea behind making a gigantic bird was to overwhelm the viewer into feeling the same emotion the chicken must feel and how scared he must be.To raise your voice against animal cruelty. Sign the Petition, It will take only a moment of you time:

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