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Paper Food: 10 Kgs of Old Newspapers to feed a DOZEN

Thanks to Uday Foundation, your old newspapers can now be put to good use. The Delhi-based non-profit organisation has given birth to a brilliant plan whereby they will use old newspapers to generate funds to feed the poor and needy. This they plan to do by selling the old newspapers to recycling plants. They're set up to feed the poor people daily meals just outside the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).


Under this plan of theirs, a dozen people can be fed a meal each with about just 10 kilos of old newspapers.
“The basic idea is that you donate old newspapers, and then we send these for recycling and whatever amount we get out of it, we feed people over here. Right now, we are able to provide food for around 1,000 people twice a week” – Rahul Verma (founder of Uday Foundation)


Within just a month of starting this program, they've been able to collect an astounding 600 kilos of old newspapers.Old newspapers can be given to the foundation at their collection centre at 113A/1, Adchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg.No matter when you go to AIIMS, there are usually, at the very least, up to 200 people who will be living on the pavement outside AIIMS. This is because the hospital does not have the facilities to provide shelter for all the relatives of the  2,000 odd patients that have been admitted.

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