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Knitting Lives Together: Crocheting Helps Women in a South Delhi Slum

Crafts seem to be a disintegrating art form, especially in the urban cities where people are going further away from traditional arts and crafts. Take a second away from your smart phones and think about it. These traditional skills and learnings can generate income opportunities, livelihoods for underprivileged communities, don’t you agree? A group of women residing in a South Delhi slum area, are practicing crochet in the lanes of Lalgumbat. The process of crocheting is of creating fabric by interlocking loops of thread, yarn of other materials using a crochet hook.


The slum dwellers include women who have migrated from neighbouring states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan, learning this skill as children. Action for Excellence in Child and Women Foundation reached out to women, asking them if they would be interested in upgrading their skills and earn some resources, for their own stability and independence. AECWF found and connected them to a crocheter who has been pursuing this since the age of 12, making products through online platforms. All women come together, twice a week, for classes which are held in the afternoon, where they get to learn new methods of stitching, creating different products, and ways of learning new patterns. This two hour class is an important opportunity for these women, where they connect with each other, share their lives and have a little bit of fun as well. Girls just wanna have fun right? Well, why should they be treated any differently?


Not just for fun, this activity can provide an outlet to express themselves. The daughters accompanying their mothers are also showing an interest in the craft . This programme provides a platform to all those underprivileged women to give them a chance to feel like a part of a family, which guides them onto a path of independence and freedom. Offering a simple thing such as a creative outlet, to these women which has helped them to rediscover a lost passion is a true act of kindness. For the women, the two-hour classes have helped rediscover a lost passion, and also become more independent, which is a strong example for marginalised women all over the country and for their daughters as well.

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