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In The Name Of Law: Free Legal Aid for the Poor

Poor people who are in need of legal assistance can now rejoice as they will be able to get help at their very doorsteps. The Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) will now be sending volunteers to the house of those in need, under their "Dehleez" programme.


After a while, the DSLSA will review the feedback and decide on either setting up legal service centres or sending lawyers to people of low-income to help with their law issues. The first phase of this programme started on the 7th of June and it has 30 lawyers visiting low-income families in their homes. They're expected to cover an astounding three thousand homes in Southwest Delhi in two weeks. After this, on the 27th of June, three lawyers will be put into Anganwadi centres to help those in need.

There exists 10,900 Anganwadis in the city and each of these caters to approximately 900 people. Initially, these centres were created during the establishment of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS). ICDS had a total of 98 projects in the city. In this programme, the projects had four supervisors each. The monitoring was done in such a manner as to put 25 Anganwadi centres under one such supervisor. For the DSLSA project, they asked these supervisors and Anganwadi workers for assistance with this new legal-help project. This would give them a gist of the project and help them work with the volunteers.

Areas under the Anganwadi members will be toured by the volunteers who will mix with the locals and find out what legal problems they have. The volunteers will also help the public get additional critical information such as knowledge about Aadhaar card, Voter ID, ration cards and other Government services.

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