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A Rasoi for Janta feeds the hungry in the Lockdown crisis amidst Corona outbreak

Just about a kilometer away from Guru Dronacharya Metro station of DLF Phase 3, on siris road long queues of people yet following social distancing is an everyday scene.
Amidst this global crisis, food is scarce and a meal a day is luxury for the poor. A group of social enthusiasts who is determined to help the society are tirelessly working to provide daily meals to those in need.
Premium kitchen of Shanghai Surprise, a popular cloud kitchen in Gurugram, is now transformed in the Janta Rasoi where its talented chefs who once prepared lip-smacking oriental food are now serving hundreds of poor with food.

The team of Janta Rasoi

The owner of the Shanghai Surprise, Mrs. Ambica Kapoor says, ‘We are the lucky ones and our privilege obliges us to serve the society in any way we can. We, here at Shanghai Surprise, are passionate about food so we used it to help the poor in this lockdown. We decided to serve hundreds of them in a day and every day.’
Mr. Arjun Pandey, who is active on the ground serving the packets of food himself, says, ‘The good word about Janta Rasoi has spread and people are contributing in their own ways. We are expanding and reaching more and more people every day.’

Chef cooking the day’s meal

Janta Rasoi is strictly following the guidelines of cleanliness to keep away the Covid-19 virus. Once they are done with cooking the meal, the team loaded with big containers and food packs goes out. They are greeted with the long queues of people smartly practicing social distancing. Every single person, despite the long wait, leaves with a smile on his face.
The Janta Rasoi has instantly become popular so much so that even CocaCola featured them in their most popular musical ad, the reboot of Ummeedon Waali also recognized the good work of Janta Rasoi.
The pandemic has united people in unimaginable ways and fuelled them with determination to help each other in every wat they can. Janta Rasoi is one such example of unity and its increasing reach example of the firm determination of our society’s unbending spirit.

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