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5 Lakh People residing in Slums Helped By Clinic Under Tree

Back in the year of 1988, Dr Kiran Martin, a paediatrician visited a Delhi Slum and was tragically taken aback by the extremely severe living conditions and how it was effecting their health so she decided to set up a small clinic under a tree. Currently, she is supporting 500,000 slum dwellers. She visited this area when the news of cholera broke out in the South Delhi slum and offered her help, by borrowing just a table and got to work under the tree.


The acting lifeline of Delhi Slums, today Dr Kiran has helped many through her services in 60 different slum colonies. Only because of her willingness to lend a helping hand, and the seriousness of the situation she was faced with on entering the slum is the reason why so many people have been helped. A few more people sharing the same vision joined her work and supported Dr Martin to carry on with her noble work which led to the set up of Asha Society, an organisation which works for the poor in order to transform their quality of life and give them long term sustainability. Dr Kiran Martin realised she could also make a difference in the lives of women through teaching them to take better control of their lives and health through a structure approach.


Their development started with the training of becoming community health workers and the women who were ignorant before, took up the initiative to be more responsible and have now become the fire line of defence against common health risks as well as respected leaders in their communities. The Asha Organisation provides a six month training to women and give them a medical box to address the basic infections and illnesses.

Added to that advice and information is passed on by health, immunisation and nutrition of the children. Today, the Asha slum areas have established health centres staffed with Doctors, trained nurses and Community Health Volunteers. It is only because of this intervention, that Delhi slums have a reduced number of Child mortality, fewer maternal death, better nutrition, a lower birthrate and virtual eradication of preventable diseases.

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