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Running as rightly said is the queen of all physical exercises which not only tunes your body at a correct agility level but also refreshes your minds. Running is an exercise which sets one free from the worldly weights binding them and pulling them backwards, and when one runs they run to break all the chains that hold them back and they run to meet their new selves with the aspiration of running more than the last day.
So here we are listing five top running clubs in Delhi for those who are looking for either some competition or likeminded people.

1.Delhi Runners 


Delhi runners is one of the city’s largest running clubs comprising members ranging from all age groups. The group was founded in 2007 and their members are from Delhi as well as NCR. With members running for both physical fitness as well as serious marathons this club offers a huge scope on interaction between their members through their online platform.

2.Capital Hash House Harriers


For some relaxed running, take a look at the Capital Hash House Harriers. Their group is usually 30-80 people; they run/walk on a pre-set trail for about an hour {give or take 15 minutes}. After the exercise, they chill out with some  drinking and singing activities. All levels of fitness and drinking ability are welcome in their running club.

3.Indian Track Club


Established in 2013, Indian Track Club is India's premier professional running club. Based out of Delhi NCR, the club provides world class coaching to young, aspiring and elite runners with all the requirements to reach their potential. The club's newly introduced Milers Programme specifically for adult runners is another facet under the Indian Track Club banner. The club has undertaken over 3000 selection trials across the country for Youth and Elite Programmes. Indian Track Club conducts scouting trips across the country, reaching out to small villages and towns to scout for raw running talent.

4.Sunday Run Club


For all you East Delhiite runners out there, here’s a club for you. A group of passionate runners, most of their members regularly participate in Half and Full Marathons across India. The group provides informal group runs every Saturday and Sunday morning. This is a great way to make friends, and get the lowdown on upcoming marathons.

5.Running and Living 


The Running and Living Club provides beginner runners with advice and encouragement, as well as comprehensive training schedules for advanced runners. With links to several different marathons around Delhi, this is a great club and resource to connect with runners all over Delhi and India. They even have links on where to buy running gear and accessories.

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