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Hindi Literature Clubs to be formed across the City

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sidodia, has asked government officials for the formation of Hindi Literature Clubs/Sabhas in the capital. This was done on Tuesday. The aim behind such a move was to promote hindi literature, as stated by a Delhi Government Official. In doing so, they wish to promote education as well.


Hindi is one of the official written languages of the country and in promoting hindi literature, it will help the general public learn a language that is essential when it comes to handling official business be it for legal matters or work with civil servants.

"For discussion over Hindi literature the Deputy Chief Minister have come with a ptroposal to set up Hindi Literature Discussion Clubs/Sabhas. He is of the view that such discussions should come out of Lutyens' Delhi and should be done in the Mohallas as well," – An Officer posted at Sisodia's office (to the IANS).

The officer further stated that in the opinion of the Deputy Chief Minister, literature can help the society by directing it in the right path, as he feels that literature always unites the society. However, the details regarding to as to where exactly these "Hindi Literature" clubs would be set up was not discussed.

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