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Biblio Love: Unlimited Reads at Farad Books

They wanted to read books and read a lot of them. Until now, they always had a library nearby, be it their school or their college. But now, they had to buy and store them. That did not seem to be a big problem at first. It started with one book, then two, four, eight, twenty, hundred… these piles started growing into mammoth mountains. They knew they would not read most of them again. They just did not know how to stop. They could not stop reading, that was certain.


If storing books appears to be a big task, the next difficulty really added to their woes. They had to buy all the books they wanted to read. It seemed reasonable enough at first, but shelling out money for a story that you read only once pinched the pocket more often as purchases grew. They missed the sight of the familiar librarian.


They searched for libraries nearby. Unfortunately, they found none. But they chanced upon some online libraries which promised home delivery and pickup of books. It was perfect. They went through their collection, they searched for the books they wanted to read. But they found only a few. They requested for those books too. But it seems that option was just a gimmick.

Frustrated and helpless, they said, “Enough is enough”. Book Readers deserved better. Henceforth, they embarked on a journey. A journey that would ensure none of the bibliophiles shall suffer as they did. This has begun with an online library with home delivery and pickup, with a promise to get whatever books a reader wants. Named after Michael Faraday, Introducing Farad Books.


Their USP, you ask? “It is our collection”, they say, beaming with pride. They have their members who can vouch for them. The secret behind the collection is their members. They ask their members to suggest books to add to the collection, and they have a near 100% success rate in getting the books their members have suggested.

Being avid readers themselves, they realised that one can get attached to some of the books one reads. Keeping that in mind, they also introduced “I want to keep this book”. This allowed their members to buy the books they had borrowed and wished to keep.

Now they have to store thousands of books. But they don’t mind it because it makes readers like us happy 🙂

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