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Book is a writer’s way to transport the reader into a world of his imagination, but the reader always is free to have his own perception of the literary work. Moral of the story is that more the readers of a book, more would be it’s meanings and interpretations, and knowing this fact and in an attempt to bring all the reading lovers and like minded people together we have shortlisted some of Delhi’s well known reading clubs just for your wandering interest to find a platform to receive and exchange opinions about the books you love and are about to love.

1.Book Lovers


Delhi Book Lovers (DBL) is one of the largest organized book community of Delhi with over 4000 members, comprising of business stalwarts, authors, publishers, IT professionals, students, journalists, salaried and other people. Besides just discussing books, DBL also holds author-interactive sessions, events, book releases, and workshops for aspiring writers. The members of this group meet often at varied locations, particularly in South Delhi, sometimes over a cup of coffee. You can attend a meeting at absolutely no cost. 

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At Shahpur Jat is located a cultural café “Fursat se” who also owns “Halftone” the book reading club. Every month members of this club caste vote to select two books to read and then review to share different opinions and perspective on the same piece of writing to expand their existing limits of perception and creativity. You can read one or both. It is entirely up to you!

To sign up for the book club or further enquiries, send an email at halftonefs@gmail.com

3.Novel Ideas


The goal of Novel Ideas is to get members excited about reading again, and in the  process, an enriching discussion unfolds about books, life, current events and all manner of topics in a free flowing, laid back discussion format. This group does not intend to grow this into a large entity, thry prefer quality over quantity.
The club gives freedom to their members to prepare a presentation on the book they want everyone to read and if the members find the presentation compelling enough then they organize a discussion session for the same book after reading it over tea and busicuits. The group is not limited to a particular genre and welcomes readers from every genre.

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4.Delhi Book Club

The group’s online account has 80 members, but 7 to 10 people usually turn up for the meet. The group’s founder, Vinayak Tripathi, is an architect by profession who loves books. The group likes to read classics such as the The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The members generally meet 4pm on first and third Saturday of the month at Khan Market or Connaught Place.

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5.Reading Caterpillar


For developing the reading habit in your toddler and boosting their literary skills reading caterpillar is the perfect club in Delhi. With a library dedicated to kids from age group of 1 year to 10 years the group also organizes activities such as storytelling, literature workshops and other fun games to develop a love towards reading.

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