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Simple guidelines for Senior Citizens by the government in the times of Corona outbreak and Lockdown

When the entire world is fighting against the scourge of Corona Virus. Every Indian ministry is highly active in releasing information and helping the citizens of India in every way they can. In such trying times, it becomes important that we first safeguard our senior citizens as they are the ones most prone to catch the virus and turn positive.

To spread awareness, the Ministry Of Social justice and Empowerment along with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with the department of Geriatric Science of AIIMS, Delhi has released an advisory dedicated for the protection and well being of the elderly citizens.

Advisory contains the following basic Do’s and Don’ts-


  1. Stay within the house all the time

  2. Avoid having visitors at home

  3. If a meeting is essential, maintain a distance of 1 meter

  4. If living alone, one can consider depending on healthy neighbors for acquiring essentials for home

  5. Avoid small and large gatherings at all cost

  6. Remain actively mobile within the house

  7.  consider doing light exercise and yoga at home

  8. Maintain hygiene by washing hands. Especially before having meals and after using the washroom. This can be done by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  9. Clean frequently touched objects such as spectacles

  10. Sneeze and cough into tissue paper/handkerchief. After coughing or sneezing dispose of the tissue paper in a closed bin/wash your handkerchief and hands

  11. Ensure proper nutrition through home-cooked fresh hot meals, hydrate frequently and take fresh juices to boost immunity

  12. Take your daily prescribed medicines regularly.

  13. Monitor your health. If you develop fever, cough and/or breathing difficulty or any other health issue, immediately contact nearest health care facility and follow the medical advice

  14. Talk to your family members (not staying with you), relatives, friends via call or video conferencing, take help from family members if needed

  15. Due to Summer, avoid dehydration. Consume an adequate amount of water. (Caution for individuals with pre-existing Heart and Kidney disease)

  16. Communicate with relatives at home

  17. Communicate with neighbors, provided social distancing is followed, and gathering of people is avoided

  18. Provide a peaceful environment

  19. Rediscover old hobbies like painting, listening to music, reading

  20. Make sure to access and believe only the most reliable sources of information

  21. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs to avoid loneliness or boredom

  22. If you have an already existing mental illness, call the helpline (08046110007)


  1. Come in close contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus disease (fever/cough/breathing difficulty).

  2. Shake hands or hug your friends and near ones

  3. Go to crowded places like parks, markets, and religious places

  4. Cough or sneeze into your bare hands

  5. Touch your eyes, face, and nose

  6. self-medicate

  7. Go to the hospital for a routine checkup or follow up. As far as possible make teleconsultation with your healthcare provider

  8. Invite family members and friends at home

  9. Isolate yourself

  10. Confine oneself in a room

  11. Follow any sensational news or social media posts.

  12. Spread or share any unverified news or information further

Following these simple guidelines, simple citizens can easily stay safe from the Corona Virus and easily pass through the times of lockdown.

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