The Delhi Way- See Delhi through the eyes of a local

The brainchild of two friends who decided to quit their comfort zones and chase their passion. The Delhi way is run by Divya and Priyanka. They promise a customised tour of Delhi from all the popular attraction to the off-beat destinations. What you will get from them is unlike any other travel tour packages out there on the market. No more of being rushed from one spot to the next barely getting time to take in the view. The tour makes you see the city through the eyes of a local.


The two hosts take you behind the scenes and show you how this huge confluence of humans function in a seemingly dysfunctional city to the eye of an outsider. The entire thing is a combination of sight-seeing, shopping and soaking in what being a Delhite is all about. So if you are in Delhi just for a week or even a day they are the people to call.

You get your money's worth and don't have to fall victim to hack travel agencies who send you on a wild goose chase or make you feel like your back on a school trip. You feel like your hanging out with two buddies and having a great time exploring. The group can be booked via trip advisor. They also have a facebook page and their own website where one can get further details about what they have for offer.

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