Heels and Wheels Episode 4 with Radha, Pallavi and Meena

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Something fun for all the Delhi girls living in the capital of Delhi, Delhipedia would like to invite the women in Delhi & the NCR to explore the best places to visit in city, Join us on Heels & Wheels, powered by the Mahindra Electric car, the all electric Mahindra e2oPlus, not only is it a Mahindra new car it is the first electric cars in India.


We are going to host you and your gang of girls, for a day out in Delhi/NCR, Check out some cool places and activities, things to do in Delhi, places to visit in Delhi, fun places in Delhi for youngsters and meet some amazing Indian women who are amazing achievers in all that they do!!

Today in episode 4 we have,

Radha – is an actor, in addition to being on multiple TV shows on Zee TV, you can see her in the film ‘Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band’, a graduate from Hansraj college and a post Grad from DCAC, she taught law in SRCC before deciding that she loves acting, today she lives her dream,

Pallavi – recently won the Mrs Asia UK United Nations title, she’s an optametrist by profession, a classical dancer and  actively works with charities empowering women and children while she lives in the UK, Delhi is also home for her.

Meena – breaks the stereo type that only men can be drivers, she works as a chauffeur with Sakha cabs, trained by the Azad foundation, that aims to increase financial empowerment of women, Meena is driving us around and is also going to take us for a short tour around Delhi,

The girls are going to take back the city with Delhi Street Art, Take a tour of Delhi with Sakha Consulting Wings a all women Taxi and Chauffeur service, and check out a cool new cafe at Shahpur Jaat Puppychino

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