5 Lipsmacking Dishes We Can t Wait To Savour as Winters are Approaching

After a wave of October heat & sweaty afternoons, everyone awaits winter season. Chilly mornings, cuddling in warm blankets & those dry fruit filled pockets make us look forward to the winters  . Are we forgetting something? Well to almost quote Jon Snow, “Winter is coming and with it comes awesome food!”. We just can’t wait to dig into winter special  lip smacking dishes to soothe our soul. Here are 5 of the dishes which make everyone wait for winter more desperately.

1.Gajar Ka Halwa


This is that one winter dessert for which everyone waits as it is hands down everybody’s favorite dish. There is an availability of sweet and fresh carrots in winter and thus it’s a winter favorite. With lots of ghee, and dry fruits this dessert also keeps us warm in winter providing heat to our body and it is very tasty, so this dish is a definite win-win dish. 

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2.Sarso Da Saag


Sarso Da Saag  and  Makke di Roti define Punjab. Sarso ka saag has become synonymous to winters & it’s normal to find saag as the unanimous choice among the family members for dinner. This popular Punjabi dish is made in winter as it’s the harvest season then. Lot of ghee and homemade jaggery add to the flavor of this dish. Sarso or mustard is filled with iron and protein which keeps the body warm in chilly winters.

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3.Gaund Ke Laddoo


This is something which your mom insists on eating during winters. And, if you have ever stayed in a hostel, you will realize that an entire box of ladoo gets finished in a flash as your friends opens it. Made out of edible gum extracted from the bark of a tree and easily available, Gaund is a comfort food stocked at homes as it provides warmth to the body and fight winter chills. This dish has a very high nutritional value and also gives us immunity to fight winter diseases like cold and fever.

4.Kashmiri Food


Spicy meat dishes form the backbone of Kashmiri cuisine. Some of the dishes that you must try are yakhni (meat in a curd-based sauce made mildly minty with fennel), rogan josh (rich, red mutton curry), gushtaba (pale meatballs in saffron-yogurt curry), rista (meatballs in a red gravy) and tabak maas (fried lamb’s ribs). It is so rich that you cannot have it any other time but in winter.

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Rasam is a popular South Indian soup which has a strong mflavor of tomato. In winters a bowl of piping hot Rasam is the best thing you can have on a chilly winter night for dinner as Rasam is made of red lentils that are rich in antioxidants, fiber and proteins. Along with turmeric and other spices, with added veggie,  rasam can also suffice as a whole meal , if you are on a diet.

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