Street Food

The Curious Case Of Foodies Of Delhi

In all the time that I spent in delhi, the city catered me with exhilarating experiences, leisure and moments of awe-inspiring beauty. The centuries old capital is older than anyone can recollect from the worn out mythological records available. Since ages it has been the epicentre of evolution of the subcontinent. Delhi still stands and sings it's own lores though the river, grand palaces, monuments, ancient streets and markets.


But for a person of contemporary tastes such as myself, major chunk of all the wide eyed love revolves around the food. I had a lot of friends who towed me to eccentric cafe's and "joints" of rare and marvelous delicacies which I enjoyed throughout the length of my spine. From Pizzas of Fat Lulu to desserts of L'opera, Oh, I tried it all. While the hunt for good old Delhi street food rested in the rounds and around of old Delhi and yes, Paranthe wali gali. Everyday was a "foodventure". But it took me a while to spot and dart the real practice of having food and understanding the psyche of "The Great Delhi Foodie" who isn't concerned with the high end, high praised restraunts, cafes or shops. He or she is like that true priest who will praise and pray in the places unknown to mankind.


A foodie knows where one can find the best chhola kulchha or even a hand tossed pizza in the areas studded with dimly and lesser known stalls with names commonly starting with chacha, aunty, Monu or Lachhu. Don't mistake such endeavour for cheap thrill or pretentious show of love for hardcore street food.  Nah, these Delhi foodies are dead serious and they know that their aunties, chachas tossing stuff on stove, mean business and you'll know it when you'll see them kneading dough or preparing sauces like it's some kind of sport.

This foodie knows no class, no embarrassment, no disparity and sometimes no hygiene when it comes to devouring taste off these stalls. Believe it or not, I once saw a Porsche stop by a murky momos joint, a beautiful dolled up girl got out, had her way with those white, fluffy and delicious momos and drove away. I am not kidding. This beautiful hodge podge is the soul of the food capital of Indian. Yes. I've said it. Delhi is the food capital of India and not because of the fleet of delicious food you'll find here but because of the foodie who is the patron of this art. This foodie goes out on a limb to indulge others make a party to such amazing feat; talk about mouth publicity, eh! This, indeed, spurs up the intriguing and curious case of the foodies of Delhi

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