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Fitness, Food and Blogging with Girish Taku

Some stories are more than just inspiring. They teach us important lessons. This story tells us that living our passions, like everything else, has its cons. Everything has its dark sides, and one extreme has to be neutralized with the other to achieve sustainability. Girirsh Taku, who runs a food blog called @foodaholicgirish added a unique angle to his passion for food after meeting compromises in his health. He added the dimension of fitness – so he could maintain his passion for food with a healthy body, and inspire his many thousand followers to be wary of how they treat their bodies.

We reached out to him and had an in-depth conversation about his journey, and we are here to share a few snippets:

What inspired you to become a food blogger?

I’m not sure how it began, really. I was a part of Mi India’s Delhi Fan Club where I met lots of people, some of whom had come from other cities! There, I got to know more and more about something called blogging. I did my research and that’s when I thought – why not start a food blog of my own?

According to you, what should be the prerequisites for becoming a good food blogger?

 There are no prerequisites as such. The only thing I’m sure of  is that you’ve got to be a real foodie. One learns everything else in the process. It’s so much more about learning than anything else.

 Who are your favorite food bloggers?

My most favorite food blogger would be @foodgasms_over_orgasms, She’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

A cuisine that you can eat at any part of the day?

Honestly, there are simply way too many cuisines that I am a fan of. But I think I’ll go with Desi Chinese cause I’m more of a street food kind of guy.

What is the most overrated dish you have eaten and why did you find it overrated?

The most overrated dish I’ve ever had is Afeem Ke Chhole Bhature. I think they are just normal Chhole Bhature, there’s nothing special about it. I had heard once you eat them you’ll want more of it but that didn’t happen.

Foodaholic Girish- Delhipedia
Afeem ke Chhole Bhature
Source: @FoodaholicGirish on Instagram

What is your opinion on food blogging and its negative or positive impact on our lifestyles?

I think having a passion helps you in getting aligned with your goals. You start focusing on things that you genuinely love. You meet people, explore places, and begin to enjoy everything. Loving what you do and doing what you love is the way to go!

It is a great experience, you get to learn skills like photography and video editing. All these things further help a lot in brand collaborations.

There are dark sides to it, too. Being a foodie almost always leads to health issues.

I too gained weight. That phase of my life was the most difficult so far. But it is only for that reason that I started working on the Fitness niche as well. I was never fond of eating healthy foods. That has now completely changed. Now I eat so many healthy foods including things like Oats and Quinoa.

We congratulate Girish on bringing more mindfulness to aspects of blogging and wish him all the good luck in his endeavors!

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