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Delhipedia interviews Foodie Anshul

Anshul runs a food blog on Instagram that has gained massive recognition and admiration from audience. We at Delhipedia reached out to Anshul and talked to him about his passion, and what drives him to do what he does. Here are a few snippets from our conversation. Read on and enjoy!

How long have you been passionate about Food Blogging?

It started as a hobby during my initial days of college. I was a food lover since childhood, I love to eat and cook as well. So when it started as a hobby, it simply made me happy. A few months passed and I began to get decent engagement and followers, so I decided to get into the commercial part of content creation and even started making some money. I won’t say that I am passionate about food blogging, but I can say that I am passionate about trying new things. Having said that you can expect something different from me in near future.

How did Food Blogging affect your personal life?

I was like most other 18-year-olds in the country. I had percentage but lacked communication skills,  I knew “Credit what comes in Debit what goes out” but had no idea about financial planning. I had studied English for 18 years of my life but lacked the confidence in speaking. In these initial couple of years I have evolved as a person. I have learnt a lot about things that really matter in life. 

If you had the chance to eat or drink anything without ill-effects on your health, what would you eat?

Well, that’s a very difficult question for me. I can’t name any single dish but my anytime food favorites include Pizza, Chhole Bhature, Kathi Rolls, Burger, Milkshakes, Waffles, and a lot more actually.

While eating outdoors, what are the things that you are conscious about? (like Hygiene, Location, Ambience, etc.)

It depends on the situation and my mood, really. I could travel 20kms for eating at a street-cart rather than a good restaurant near me or vice versa. The hygiene factor has been added strictly to the list due to the pandemic.

Since Coronavirus is here to stay, do you feel worried at all about your career as a food blogger?

I feel every work in this world is dynamic. In order to sustain itself, it will have to adapt and improvise itself according to Coronavirus, or nay thing for that matter. As an example one can see how education has completely changed in the virtual medium and our teachers have well adapted their ways to this new environment. As long as you’re willing to change and adapt, there is no need to worry. 

We wish Anshul all the luck in his endeavors, and support his ventures with all our hearts!

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