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Furry Love: Pet Fed Delhi 2016 Is Here |

All dogs go to heaven. That's what we learnt when we were much younger. The joy that these four-legged beings bring into our lives is unmatched and cannot be quantified. They form the oldest group of domesticated animals. Scientists believe that the dogs we have today are the descendants of an earlier species of wolves that were domesticated. Over the years, people all over the world have specifically bred dogs for various purposes like hunting in the wild, guarding houses, pulling loads, for the military, companionship and now even to assist handicapped individuals. It's no wonder they're referred to as "man's best friend".

Pet Fed is India's biggest pet festival, where dog and cat owners from Delhi and elsewhere congregate to celebrate the joys of having pets. The organisation hosts monthly BYOD (bring your own dog) meetings in the city and even has the very first Pet Newspaper, Pet Fed Times.

The annual event takes place in December every year and seems to be getting bigger and better with each passing year. There will be a dedicated leash-free zone for your dogs to socialise with others. Competitions like a fashion show for your dog to compete in. Workshops to help you better understand and care for your pet. Stalls that sell specialised pet products so you can splurge on your furry friend.
And if your dog is busy running around with his or her new friends then there is still plenty to keep you entertained such as food and alcohol stalls, live music, stand-up comedy acts and others. So pet or no pet, it's still a no-brainer. Also the fact that the tickets are just Rs.200 helps a lot.

This year, you even get a chance to be a part of history as the Pet Fed Delhi 2016 will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record (for most dogs wearing bandanas. Cute stuff). All you have to do is register and show up with your champion. They also have a dedicated cat zone this time round. And if you have children then they've got that covered too, with kiddie zones and even an interactive area where they can play with the pets.

With about 4 weeks to the event, there is plenty of time for you to schedule time for this amazing event where you get to drown in a tsunami of doggie love. So if you're coming to win the fashion show, start practising with the contestant and if you're just coming for the love, then practice your K9 language skills.

Entry: Rs.200
Dates: 17 – 18th December 2016
Timing: 10am – 8pm
Address: NSIC exhibition ground, Delhi

More details about the event HERE

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