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Cafes at Hudson Lane To Fulfil Your TasteBuds

Hudson Lane has many eye-catching cafes that are considered to be a popular ‘Adda’ amongst the North Campus students. For those of you who can’t find their way here, we bring you to the best 5 cafes that will surely not burn a hole in your pocket.

1.Woodbox Café


Woodbox literally looks like a wooden design café which is popular with students. The restaurant serves authentic Chinese, Italian and fast food. A chocolate shake over here can bring close friends closer. There's nothing more peaceful than a sipping a cup of coffee with a book – you can choose to read from the books at the shelf.

Address: 1, DDA Market, Hudson Lane, New Delhi

2.The Hudson Café


If you are hunting for a perfect place after college then this café is meant for you. It is a traditional café with map covered walls. The café serves internatonal dishes from pizzas to burger. Their Oreo shake and Penne Alfredo Pasta is a must try.

Address:2524, 1st floor, Hudson lane, New Delhi

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