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Art Should Disturb the Comfortable & Comfort the Disturbed.

1.Pearl Art Gallery 


To showcase a piece of art for an artist, is one of the most challenging processes unless the artist comes across a platform, with affordable & reasonable prices. A variety of artworks along with a vast range home decor accessories are present, keeping in mind every individual and their exclusive tastes. The products one comes across are solely created to enhance the aesthetic appeal of each home, continually innovating the given space. A home always has two dimensions to it, an exterior and an interior, to which careful attention has to be focused towards both respectively, as both have their own feeling and need to be decorated thoroughly.

Not only do their products help design a home, but they manufacture and export home decor accessories for various establishments such as Guest houses, Hotels,  Resorts and leading stores. Everyone, searching for creativity in some or the form will gain exciting ideas with just one tour of this gallery. They are available online, as well for a virtual tour! 

2.Domus Art Gallery 


Hailing from a family of art collectors, the Domus Art Gallery was established in 1994 in Kolkata. Upcoming and emerging artists from all over India, are represented in this gallery under the entrepreneurship of Sanjay Sachdev. He is greatly involved in encouraging , promoting and recognising the abilities of these artists. Tremendous creative talent has been discovered and displayed by the masters of art, in various art forms of sculptures, paintings, and prints.

Aiming to take forth the power of art, new or old, giving an in-depth insight through period and contemporary Indian art, giving people an easy access to art. Spreading the awareness of Indian art, this gallery continues to expose the unexplored and unexploited talent which Indian artisans possess. 

Where: D-191 Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024. INDIA.

Tel.: +91-11- 24655968

3.Gallery Threshold 


The dialogue between the viewer and the artist, is of utmost importance though many overlook it. Tunty Chauhan established Gallery Threshold with this same notion, of defining a role for it to act as a catalyst to taking forth contemporary art and related activities. All the exhibitions held here, are examples of fine chronicles with great repute.

There is a effervescent liquidity and fluidity  with which this gallery is distinguished, highlighting the “only self” approach. The main focus of Gallery Threshold is the richness, depth, sensitivity and vibrancy withholding the Indian canvas. Committed to bringing concurrent art into the limelight along with penetrating insight for converging the talents of highly established masters and the ones with rising talents. 

Address: C-221, Sarvodya Enclave New Delhi- 110017

Time: 11:00 am – 6:30 pm

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