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Art is an Adventure that never ends.

A few masterpieces exist which have gathered special value over space and time, transcending to a place where history preserves the art. There are always some works of art, which take your breath away, holding onto certain parts of who you are, and they don’t even have to be conventionally beautiful, they just have to ignite something within for them to be declared a masterpiece.

The story untold, the many strokes of paint, each colour a different word on the bare canvas. Here are five such examples of art, and five more await you for next week..

1.Shakuntala – Raja Ravi Verma


The much revered Indian painter, Raja Ravi Varma has created an epic piece of art depicting Shakuntala, who happens to be an important character of Mahabaratha. The image presents her as pretending to remove a thorn from her foot, but actually what she’s doing is gazing at her lover/husband, Dushyantha. This particular gesture of hers, is captivating for the viewers as it draws them closer to the narrative, inviting them to place with an imagined sequence of events and images. The image is like a frozen movie still, lost in its own time.

2.Bapuji – Nandlal Bose


The greatest freedom fighter, the world has ever come across Mahatma Gandhi is fondly referred to as Bapu, so for many contemporary artists, he has been an immense source of inspiration, not only restricted to our country but to many artists abroad as well. Nandlal Bose, an artist of Shantiniketan, and a presence during the lifetime of Gandhi ji, has taken from the famous Dandi March, and created his respect for him through his art. Dating back to 1930, this work of art is on permanent display in the National Gallery of Modern Art located in Delhi.

3.Krishna (Spring in Kullu) – Nicholas Roerich


The famous Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, created such a work of unforgettable art, that till date it is being displayed in the Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York. Titled Krishna ( Spring in Kullu ) is a depiction of Krishna playing the flute, under a blossoming tree, on a backdrop of the majestic snowy mountains. The artist, during his life time, journeyed over many continents but decided to peacefully reside in the valley of Kullu, taking his last breath in the valley of gods. After his death, ASI declared his artworks among nine others, national art treasures.

4.Bharat Mata – Abanindranath Tagore


Bharat Mata is an artwork which is not only iconic but it depicts the emotional and historic value of painting through a saffron clad woman, dressed like a Sadhvi. decorated with paddy, pieces of white cloth and a garland which she holds in her four hands.

5.Self-Portrait – Rabindranath Tagore


The most famous piece of work created by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, is the self portrait depicts the bearded artist, enhanced by the lack of colour, the use of lines, which have a primitive vibe and and unworked background, highlighting the face even more, is eternally beautiful.

He started painting in 1924 and towards the end of his career, he strove to to create art which is universal and started painting more , took up painting more consistently.

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