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5 Art studios in Delhi to witness Contemporary Art

New Delhi is home to burgeoning contemporary art scene. In recent years, New Delhi has witnessed a subsequent boom in new galleries, as well as in events, fairs and exhibition- all of which attract a newfound global interest in the Indian art market. Delhi’s contemporary art scene is on the rise , and we profile five of the city’s best contemporary art exhibition spaces.

1.Delhi Art Gallery


One of the leading galleries in New Delhi, the Delhi Art Gallery focuses on showcasing a variety of 20th century Indian artworks. Opened in 1993, the gallery owns one of the most exhaustive collection of Indian modern art.

From early Modernist work to contemporary, experimental art forms and from the earliest British painters and Bengal School of Art to the Progressive Artists Group and the leading painters of today, the collection covers the entire history of modern art in India. Located in the vibrant Hauz Khas village, the gallery regularly hosts a diverse program of shows.

Address: 11, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, New Delhi

2.Nature Morte


The gallery is based in a multi-level space in central South Delhi. The gallery showcases a variety of contemporary art forms , with a special focus on conceptual art, installations, Pop Art, and photography. Nature Morte represents a number of well-known and established contemporary Indian artists, such as a multimedia artist Jitish Kallat  and artist Anita Dubey.

Address: A-1, Neeti Bagh , New Delhi

3.Exhibit 320


Located in the heart of Lado Sarai, experimental art space Exhibit 320 showcases contemporary art from India and the subcontinent. Focusing on new means of artistic expression and visual dialogue, the galler serves not only as an exhibition space, but as a meeting point for artists, students, and aficionados. The gallery aims to discover and promote the new generation of contemporary artists, encouraging critical discourse and progressive experiments through various seminars, lectures, and talks.

Address: Lado Sarai, F-320, Old Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi

4.Art Heritage Gallery


Located in the famous art complex Triveni Kala Sangam, the gallery has published a variety of art-related publications, portfolios, and catalogs, and has held over 350 exhibitions, ranging from distinguished artists such as F.N. Souza and M.F. Hussain to the new and upcoming contemporary artists.

Address: Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg, New Delhi

5.Vadhera Art Gallery


Founded in 1987, Vadehra Art Gallery features notable modern and contemporary Indian artists. The gallery hosts a wide variety of exhibitions.  Vadehra also has its own bookstore, which serves as the first of its kind in India, and has launched the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art. The foundation offers fellowships to upcoming artists and carries out a range of educational activities, engaging artists, art historians, curators, and art critics. Vadhera Art Gallery was the first private gallery in India to exhibit works of Pablo Picasso and has brought works of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon to a new audience.

Address:D-40 Defence Colony, New Delhi

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