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Now Enjoy Powered Paragliding in Delhi

Adventure sports mania has recently taken over the population in India.  Adventure mingled with sports brings out the most captivating experience while overcoming fear and this experience can be remembered as an ecstatic memory throughout life. The desire to fly has given wings to mankind through various adventure sports like  Paragliding and Windsurfing and these sports have been striking fancy for all. One such newly introduced adventure sport is ‘Powered Paragliding’.


The concept of this adventure sport originated to offer paragliders the most secure and risk-free flying experience. Flying is something that we all want to experience and  this is why the well known adventure sports company, ‘Tejas’  has recently set-up a Powered Paragliding centre at Gaur Yamuna City located in Greater Noida.  The center is dynamically developed to  fulfil the “I wish I could fly” dream of Delhiites.This adventurous sport which is most famous among students and tourists can be enjoyed by all keeping in mind the health and age factors.


The sport is also known as Para-motoring or PPG, is a form of ultra light aviation where the pilot wears a motor on their back (a para motor) which provides  enough thrust  to take off using  a Para-glider. It can be  launched in still air, and on level ground, by the pilot alone- no assistance is required.  The ability to fly  both low and slow safely, the ‘open’  feel, the minimal equipment and maintenance costs, and the portability are claimed to be this type of flying’s greatest merits.


Powered para-gliders usually fly between 15 and 50 mph (25 and 72km/h) at altitudes  from ‘ foot dragging on the water’ upto 18,000+ ft although most flying is done under 500 ft (150m) AGL (above ground level).  Also, due to the para motor’s slow forward  speed and nature of a soft wing, it is not normally conducted in high winds, turbulence, or intense thermal activity.


The para-motor, weighing from 45 to 90 pounds  (20 to 40kg) is supported by the pilot during takeoff. After a brief run (typically 10 feet or 3 meters) the wing lifts the motor and its harnessed  pilot off the ground. After takeoff, the pilot gets into the seat and sits suspended beneath the inflated para-glider wing.The para-glider can still control his flying journey using brake toggles for roll and  a hand-held throttle for pitch. The adventure sport centre is also winning all eyeballs due to the add-ons like j, banner ads, aerial photography, pamphlet dropping, aerial advertising, flower dropping and aerial surveillance. 


However, It is the first time in the whole of Delhi & NCR that a centre for Powered Paragliding is launched.  The location of  the center is  near the F1 racing track and Yamuna Expressway so, the gliders can  experience the awe-inspiring view from the top. Powered Paragliding is the safest, affordable, and most convenient way to enjoy the adventure of flying in the air. The best part of this adventure sport is that it takes less than a week to learn and everyone can safely enjoy this adventurous sport.

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